Being the online musings of one Trevor F. Snyder

Night of the Living Trev is a site founded on the principle of one undeniable fact: that the Internet – nay, the entire world – simply needs more Trevor Snyder. It’s a burden, yes, but one I begrudgingly bear. And so, I have created Night of the Living Trev, to serve as a sort of one-stop shop for all your Trevor needs…especially if your “Trevor needs” consist almost entirely of sarcastic movie reviews.

Truthfully, though, the origins of this site were actually born elsewhere, on a Facebook page known as “Trevor Likes Movies.” I started that page so that I could share with my friends reviews of basically anything I watched, whether it be a new release or an older movie I had finally gotten around to watching. It was fun, but as we know, nothing on Facebook lasts forever. In fact it was Facebook’s constant changes that led me here, as that site’s late summer of 2011 changes led to a new format in which my “Trevor Likes Movies” reviews were no longer always showing up in my friends’ news feeds. This, combined with a desire for another place to archive some of my old 411mania reviews and columns, convinced me to resurrect an old abandoned blog of mine. The name has stayed the same, but the location and idea behind it has evolved. Night of the Living Trev will now primarily be the home for my new movie reviews and occasional movie related columns…although in true Internet blogger fashion I will also most likely be using this site to soap-box about any damn thing that crosses my mind. So come, join me on a journey into my irreparably movie-soaked brain. Comments and discussion on any review are always welcome, as long as we all understand that I am almost always right.